Criminal records extract for working with children

A criminal records extract for working with children is an extract of the criminal records that you can give to your employer, authority, educational institution or voluntary organisation in Finland when you begin working with children.

An employee’s and student’s criminal records extract can only be issued personally to the employee or student named in the extract. For example, you cannot authorise your employer to order an extract. If you need a criminal history extract for working with children as a volunteer, the voluntary organisation will order the extract with your consent.

This extract can only be presented to a Finnish employer, permit authority, educational institution or voluntary organisation. The recipient of a criminal history extract may not collect or retain the information disclosed in the extract. The recipient may only make a note about having seen the extract and the date of the extract.

Ordering and sending extracts

When you order an employee’s extract, tell us the name of the employer and the job for which you need the extract. The extract is valid for six months. If you are applying for employment, you can also present the same extract to other employers during this time, in addition to the one you named in your application for an extract.

If you are a student, tell us the name of the educational institution and the practical training for which you need the extract. If you need to present the extract abroad, you must order a criminal records extract that is subject to a fee. You can only order the extract a short time before your practical training begins.

We send your criminal history extract to your current address given in the Population Register. We process your application for an extract within seven working days. An extract costs 6 euros when ordered via e-services, 12 euros when ordered via other means. We will send you an invoice separately.

Apply online: Go to the e-service

It is easy to order an extract online. You can fill in and send the online application form on the judicial administration’s e-service website. For e-services, you need strong authentication (online banking or mobile identification). If you cannot use electronic identification, you can print out the application form.

Information provided in the extract

Your employer and certain authorities will ask you for a criminal history extract if your job involves working with children permanently and substantially. Your criminal records extract will only include criminal record information that is thought to have special significance to your work with children.

Therefore, the extract contains information about judgments for the following offenses:

1. Offences against children

    • Distribution of an image depicting a child in a sexual manner
    • Aggravated distribution of an image depicting a child in a sexual manner
    • Possession of an image depicting a child in a sexual manner
    • Following a performance presenting a child in a sexual manner
    • Rape of a child
    • Aggravated rape of a child
    • Sexual assault of a child
    • Aggravated sexual assault of a child
    • Sexual abuse of a child
    • Offering payment for sexual act on a young person
    • Solicitation of a child for sexual purposes

2. Sex offences

    • Rape
    • Aggravated rape
    • Sexual assault
    • Aggravated sexual assault
    • Sexual abuse
    • Sexual harassment
    • Non-concensual dissemination of a sexual image
    • Abuse of a person subject to sex trade
    • Pandering
    • Aggravated pandering
    • Unlawful marketing of obscene material
    • Distribution of sexually obscene picture

3. Violent offences

    • Manslaughter
    • Murder
    • Killing
    • Aggravated assault
    • Aggravated robbery

4. Offences against personal liberty

    • Trafficking in human beings
    • Aggravated trafficking in human beings

5. Narcotics offences

    • Narcotics offence
    • Aggravated narcotics offence
    • Unlawful use of narcotics
    • Preparation of a narcotics offence
    • Abetting a narcotics offence
    • Abetting an aggravated narcotics offence

Your extract will also include information about any fines held in the fines register that have been sentenced for offences against children or sex offences, or for similar offences sentenced in another European Union Member State. Finally, your extract will include information about any bans on working with or otherwise dealing with children that have been imposed in another European Union Member State.

If you are not guilty of any of the offences given above, your criminal records extract includes a note of this. So the criminal records extract will not show any information other than the offences listed above, even if there are other entries in the record.

Your criminal history extract is valid for six months. You must present it to your employer, educational institution or authority within that time.

Published 24.5.2019