Register of debt adjustments

The register of debt adjustments is a public register. Anyone can request extracts of the register, subject to a fee.

Adjustment of the debts of private individuals is intended for persons who are insolvent permanently or in the long term and who have not been able to negotiate payment agreements with their creditors.

The register is maintained to ensure the realisation of payment schedules, the prevention of new indebtedness surpassing the ability of the debtors to pay, and the determination of the prerequisites for debt adjustment. The register also serves statistical and research purposes. A private individual resident in Finland or a small business may be granted access to debt adjustment.

The register of debt adjustments is a personal data file intended for public use. Anyone can request extracts of the register.

This register contains current debt adjustments.

An extract/certificate from the register of debt adjustments can be ordered free of charge.

You may order an extract verbally or in writing

Written applications are not subject to formal requirements, and you can chose the format to use

Order a register extract:

Postal address: P.O. Box 157, 13101 Hämeenlinna

E-mail: oikeusrekisterikeskus(a), replace (a) with @ when sending your e-mail

Telephone: +358 29 56 65650, open from 10:00 to 14:00

Include the following information in your order:

• Name of the person of which you need the extract

• Personal identity number of the person named in the extract

• Details for sending the extract/certificate

• Name and telephone number of the person placing the order

Published 26.7.2018