Register of bankruptcies and restructurings

Bankruptcy covers the debtor’s all liabilities, and the debtor’s assets are used in payment of the debts.

The purpose of restructuring is to try to make sure that a distressed debtor’s viable business can continue to operate.

The objective of the register is to ensure that information is made available about bankruptcy and restructuring cases. The purpose of such information is to help carry out the proceedings of courts and authorities, supervise the interests of debtors and secure the interests and rights of third parties.

The register of bankruptcies and restructurings is intended for public use. Anyone can request extracts from the register.

An extract/certificate from the register of bankruptcies and restructurings can be ordered free of charge.

You can order an extract verbally or in writing.

You can send us an informal written application

Order a register extract:

Postal address: P.O. Box 157, 13101 Hämeenlinna

E-mail: oikeusrekisterikeskus(a), replace (a) with @ when sending your e-mail

Telephone: +358 29 56 65650, open from 10:00 to 14:00

Include the following information in your order:

• Name of the company or person of which the extract/certificate is requested

• Business ID or personal identity number of the requested company/person

• Details for sending the extract/certificate

• Name and telephone number of the person placing the order

Published 26.7.2018