Disclosing information for editorial purposes

The Legal Register Centre can disclose to media outlets certain basic information regarding court proceedings, as well as other record data held in the national record and case management system, provided that such information has been made public at a court and the court has not restricted access to it.

The Legal Register Centre’s ability to disclose information helps the media outlets to access information more efficiently. Information about several records can be disclosed at the same time through the national record and case management system, instead of the media representatives having to contact individual courts. Having seen the record data, the media outlet can then contact the court that resolved the matter to ask for more specific information.

What to include in your request for information:

Intended purpose of the information

Information requested and its identifying data

Reply address for sending the information

Name of the media outlet you represent

Send your request for information to raportointi@om.fi

Published 28.5.2018